Python: Adding description to Multiple Juniper Switch Ports

Adding descriptions to switch port is beneficial, I have always done it and it always helps when trying to troubleshoot, as long as those descriptions are up to date of course. I am new to programming and python and I think it is safe to say after seeing it in action and creating few of… Continue Reading Python: Adding description to Multiple Juniper Switch Ports

Mist – Dual 5 GHz Radio

Mist is continuing to impress. I really get excited when I log into my Mist Dashboard and there is an announcement for new features. I knew that AP43’s and AP63’s are able to do dual 5 GHz, however, that was not available in the dashboard until recently. A recent LinkedIn post from Sudheer Matta –… Continue Reading Mist – Dual 5 GHz Radio

Troubleshooting with Marvis – Throughput

On Friday after finishing my breakfast and coffee when I logged into work, everyone was moving at a slow pace. Websites were slow to load, OneDrive access was slow, my Slack and MS Teams was running slow. Initially, I did not pay much attention as I was busy responding to some emails and getting tasks… Continue Reading Troubleshooting with Marvis – Throughput

Adding SNMP to Juniper EX2300-C

Most of the Juniper switches are now cloud ready and have been integrated as part of the Mist/Juniper Wired Assurance into Mist Dashboard. There are still some features that are not configurable via web interface and require some good old CLI. Cool thing is that you can simply add the needed CLI commands to either… Continue Reading Adding SNMP to Juniper EX2300-C

Covid-19 and back to work – Thoughts from a Wireless Engineer

I have been working for my current company for a little over three years as a Wi-Fi engineer. During this time, I have had the pleasure to travel extensively for multiple Wi-Fi-related projects, to various destinations. I remember growing up; I always wanted a traveling job. Well, in April 2017, that became a reality. Since… Continue Reading Covid-19 and back to work – Thoughts from a Wireless Engineer

Disabling 802.11ax(Wi-Fi6) Ruckus APs/vSZ

Wi-Fi6/802.11ax is a newer standard in Wi-Fi, providing higher data rates, increase capacity, power efficiency. However, in a typical environment, there are not many Wi-Fi6/802.11ax clients just yet. With that being said, there may be times when we need to disable Wi-Fi6/802.11ax. I have two Wi-Fi6 access points in my home lab Ruckus R730 and… Continue Reading Disabling 802.11ax(Wi-Fi6) Ruckus APs/vSZ

DHCP stopped working – Ruckus ICX7150

I am using a Ruckus ICX 7150-C12 switch as a core switch for my home lab. It is running the routing code “SPR08092a.bin (UFI)”. There are two VLAN SVI’s(interfaces) and the switch is also acting as a DHCP server with following settings: Yesterday I was in the switch just looking at some show commands and… Continue Reading DHCP stopped working – Ruckus ICX7150

Ruckus vSZ-D Tunneling

Ruckus Virtual Smart Zone – Data plane (vSZ-D) works with vSZ-H or vSZ-E and provides data plane services and tunneled WLANs. In simple terms if we want all the WLAN traffic from a remote/branch location tunneled back to the data center instead of locally switched we would need to deploy Ruckus vSZ-D and integrate is… Continue Reading Ruckus vSZ-D Tunneling

Mist – Claiming and Renaming Access Points

Previously I have talked about how to claim and add access points to the site. In this post, I want to talk about claiming/provisioning/naming Mist access points from the web dashboard. Very simple and easy process. Using templates I can literally set-up and provision a site with 100’s of access points in a matter of… Continue Reading Mist – Claiming and Renaming Access Points

Mist Wireless – Getting started

After receiving my Mist Wireless access points, my next step was to setup my account. You can create a Mist Wireless account by simply going to and either create a new account or use Google to sign in. I chose not to use that option and opted to create a new account. It is… Continue Reading Mist Wireless – Getting started

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