Authentication and Accounting in HiveManager

Aerohive – HiveManger Authentication and Accounting Configuration

RADIUS Authentication and Accounting Priority

When configuring 802.1x in HiveManager there is a section where you have to configure the RADIUS servers and then set up Authentication and Accounting. This area also give you an option to create their priority such as Primary, Backup, Backup2. Something important to note here is that if you have Separate servers for Authentication and Accounting you do not want to choose the option Auth/Acct As this will allow both options. Instead create separate roles and then set them up as Primary or Backup based on their role.

Look at the picture below. It shows 3 different options when creating a RADIUS server in AeroHive HiveManager. If there are two different servers one for Authentication and one for Accounting I chose the appropriate role from the drop down menu and assigned the appropriate priority levels.

Picture below shows the end result of my configuration in my environment. Other environments might be different and might require other options.

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