Aerohive AP Hostnames in beacon frames

Aerohive AP host name advertisement in beacon frames

This is a long awaited feature that Aerohive introduced. As of HiveOS 8.2r2 Release Notes AP host names in Beacons are supported, see below:

I was pretty excited to test this out with Ekahau however during my survey I found out that no AP names are showing up in Ekahau. I did a quick packet capture and I can see them in wireshark, see below:

I was able to see AP Host Name under:

IEEE 802.11 wireless LAN
Tagged Prameters
Tag: Vendor Specific: Aerohive

This looks just like Cisco’s type 7 password encryption and the numbers after the first 6 numbers actually represent the Access Points Name. This is currently not supported by Ekahau that is why I was unable to see them during my survey. Looking forward for Ekahau to start supporting this as this will be very useful while performing a survey.

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