IP NAT Outside

IP NAT Outside

NAT – Network Address Translation, at times can be a complicated process depending on what you are trying to do and how it gets configured on a Cisco Router vs Cisco ASA’s is a bit different as well. This post is about recent NAT – Network Address Translation on a Cisco Router configuration that I had to do. Need was to translate an Outside IP address that belonged to a server in our Data Center (Outside Global) into another IP address at a branch location as an Outside Local. Example Network scenario:

Local Subnet at Branch =
Server IP at Data Center =
NAT IP for the server =

Basically the need was to translate to at the local branch. Usually it is the other way around where we NAT all the internal IP Addresses going out. However in this case we were trying to do the reverse. Following commands were used:

ip nat outside source static
Interface fa0/0
description ### WAN ###
ip nat outside
interface fa0/1
description ### LAN ###
ip nat inside

Now when the clients from network attempted to connect to, branch router would translate that to and route it to the Data Center server. Return packet would come from and would get translated to and then to the client(s) on the network.

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