Chromebook connectivity issues

I came across a recent issue related to Chromebooks. A particular site with about 200 plus Windows, Apple, Android devices working perfectly fine with no issues. They also had 30 Chromebooks, which constantly had connectivity issues no matter where they were in the building. Looking through the configurations of the Wi-Fi, I noticed nothing that… Continue Reading Chromebook connectivity issues

CWSP-205 – 802.11 Association

I have previously discussed machine state and 4 Way Authentication briefly, here I want to discuss Open System Authentication specifically 802.11 Association. Before an RSNA is established between two devices they have to first go through Open System Authentication. STA must be Associated and Authenticated to the device. As shown in the picture below following… Continue Reading CWSP-205 – 802.11 Association

Password recovery – Cisco 1841 Router

Password recovery on Cisco Router – config register This is just a quick post for my reference on how to do password recovery on a Cisco Router. Recently I had to do it on a Cisco 1841. Here are my steps: Boot up the router with a console cable and then from terminal emulation software… Continue Reading Password recovery – Cisco 1841 Router

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