5 GHz Frequency Conversion

Saw an awesome post from Troy Martin (Twitter handle - @troymart) on 5 GHz frequency conversion. Many times during my studies related to Wi-Fi I had to review the channel number and its frequency as it can be bit of a challenge to memorize them all. I normally would just remember the first one and then take it from there. But this post actually showed me a pretty cool way.

I am certain, there are many others out there with their own way to calculate this but I find this really simple and easy. Using the method shown it is easy to figure out the channel number being used from the frequency. This made me think if there is a way to find out the frequency from the channel number, so while studying for my CWDP certification I came up with this:

Basically if I take a channel and simply divide it by 2 and append 5 as shown that will give me the frequency of that channel. I’d like to give credit to Troy Martin for encouraging me to use my brain a bit more and come up with a method instead of just memorizing it.

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