Wireless Adjuster (WA) – Initial Thoughts

I remember studying for my CWAP (Certified Wireless Analysis Professional) and after a few months of studying finally taking my test earlier this year. Reading through the CWAP material, training class from Devin Akin (CWNE #1) and multiple other resources I learned a great deal.

The focus of CWNP certifications is to help understand the theory which then can be used to design, secure and troubleshoot Wi-Fi Networks and apply best practices.

Wireless Adjuster (WA) course created by Devin Akin (CWNE #1) an industry expert, is a bridge from CWAP that will utilize the knowledge learned from CWAP and help apply it towards real-life troubleshooting scenarios. If you are a current CWNE, attending this course should give you 16 CE’s towards the CWNE renewal as well. Furthermore, since this is a hands-on course, it can be invaluable for new Wireless Engineers and with less field/hands-on experience.

Some of the utilities and tools for this course are listed below.

Reading through the course it looks like this is a great opportunity for Wi-Fi Engineers of different levels. Even if someone has just CWNA, any wireless certifications and/or you troubleshoot Wi-Fi this can be very beneficial. I know there was a time when I did not have access to expensive tools for troubleshooting so having the knowledge and ability to utilize low cost tools to troubleshoot Wi-Fi is a great skill to have.

This is a beta course and the course schedule is located here. The first class is Jan 20th – 21st, 2020 and I am looking forward to attending the very first class, learn some new skills, meet some great minds and share my thoughts later. If you are attending the course I am looking forward to meet you, “to be continued….”

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