Ekahau Survey Pro – Renaming Predictive Access points – Wish list Part 2

I have done a whole bunch of predictive surveys on Ekahau and with the latest application update when I am doing a predictive survey I noticed that access point names are showing up as “Simulated AP1”, “Simulated AP2” and so on as shown below:

Simulated Access Points in Ekahau Survey Pro

Now this is great, however, when I go and look at them on the map these names can get confusing when all I want to see is are the numbers I don’t need to see “Simulated” in there.

Simulated Access Points on the Map

This can get pretty messy if the map/floor plan has more access points and it is large. In my case I started to rename them on the left and started to delete the word “Simulated”. And the difference is below. It is a little bit clear. I can actually remove the “AP-” from it and make it even clearer if I like but I decided not to do that in this case.

Simulated Access Points – Updated

I am certain there can be multiple use case scenarios to rename the access points. Renaming them one by one is not very practical especially if you have 20, 30, 40 … 100+ and so on access points. Ekahau allows you to bulk rename them by selecting multiple access points, which is a great feature.

After I entered “AP” and then “Ok” it renamed all my access points with “AP – #”. This is great however this added space before and after “-“.

Simulated Access Point Renamed

I would like to mention couple of things here, 1) I do not want the space before and after the “-“, 2) I want the access points to be numbered with a single or double “0’s” in there like “AP01”, “AP001” or “AP-01”, “AP-001” etc. So it would be awesome if this feature can be updated so that we are able to rename the access points based on our need and it is not restricted.

In short I would like to be able to specify parameters with some variables and have the software rename access points using those parameters. So for example something like:

AP-0% = AP-01, AP-02, AP-03 and so on
AP-00% = AP-001, AP-002, AP-003 ... AP-010, AP-011 and so on

NOTE: If there is a way to do this from within the software and I may have missed it please feel free to leave a comment and I’ll update this. Thanks for reading.

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