Mist – Claiming and Renaming Access Points

Previously I have talked about how to claim and add access points to the site. In this post, I want to talk about claiming/provisioning/naming Mist access points from the web dashboard. Very simple and easy process. Using templates I can literally set-up and provision a site with 100’s of access points in a matter of… Continue Reading Mist – Claiming and Renaming Access Points

Mist Wireless – Getting started

After receiving my Mist Wireless access points, my next step was to setup my account. You can create a Mist Wireless account by simply going to manage.mist.com and either create a new account or use Google to sign in. I chose not to use that option and opted to create a new account. It is… Continue Reading Mist Wireless – Getting started

Mist AP43 Access Point

Back in February, I attended my very first Wireless LAN Professionals Conference. I was a lucky winner of 3 Mist AP43 Access Points. I was extremely impressed by the demo/presentation. Wes Purvis, Bryan Ward, Jussi Kiviniemi, Ryan Adzima, and Sudheer Matta provided some amazing information related to their products, dashboards, Marvis (AI) and along with… Continue Reading Mist AP43 Access Point

Ruckus R750 Access Point

Ruckus R750 is one of the 802.11ax access point from Ruckus. It is thinner and smaller than R730. It is about 11″ diagonally. It can be a good fit for Small businesses, hospitals, hospitality, offices, classrooms. This access point also supports IoT via the USB port. It can be powered up using 802.11af however it… Continue Reading Ruckus R750 Access Point

Ruckus R610 Access point

Ruckus R610 is a dual radio 2.4 GHz/5GHz 802.11ac Wave 2 access point. Diagonally it seems to be around 10″ so it is smaller than the 700 series access points. Great fit for home, home office, small office, retail, classrooms, hospitals etc. Below are some very high level feature set, for detailed list please see… Continue Reading Ruckus R610 Access point

Ruckus ICX 7150-C12P

This is just a quick post to take a look at the Ruckus ICX 7150-C12P switch. ICX 7150-C12P is a compact switch which is perfect for a home office or even a small office. Here are some of the key features: Supports 124000 mW of PoE budget 12 x 1 Gig Ethernet ports 2 x… Continue Reading Ruckus ICX 7150-C12P

My first Python script

Efficiency is very important in every task. Efficient processes, procedures lead to time saving, which leads to either saving money or additional revenue. Automation in information technology has become an important skill and that is where Python seems to be shinning these days. Many network engineers are using Python to automate tasks and increase overall… Continue Reading My first Python script

Ekahau Survey Pro – Image Editing – Wish list Part 3

Previously I discussed the “Ekahau – Crop & Rotate Map” feature. It is a really good feature and I’m glad they finally added that in their software. With that being said as part of my “Ekahau wish list” I would like to discuss a feature that I would love to see in Ekahau, “Ekahau –… Continue Reading Ekahau Survey Pro – Image Editing – Wish list Part 3

Ekahau Survey Pro – Crop & Rotate Feature

Ekahau has added a pretty cool feature for the maps, it is called “Crop & Rotate Map”. I really like this feature because it makes the reports come out nice especially when the maps have extra space around them. I can simply crop the image file on my laptop within Ekahau and that makes a… Continue Reading Ekahau Survey Pro – Crop & Rotate Feature

Ruckus VSZ-H – Enable Rogue Detection

Ruckus VSZ-H is not a very friendly interface as compared to some of other vendor interfaces and at times if you have not done something for a while you may forget it easily. This applies to other vendor WLAN Management interfaces as well but definitely true for Ruckus VSZ. I will be adding some common… Continue Reading Ruckus VSZ-H – Enable Rogue Detection

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