Knowledge is power

When I was in 9th grade, I asked one of my teachers to write something for me in a notebook. And she wrote something short yet important in there. “Knowledge is power”.

Knowledge is Power

Believe it or not I was a bit disappointed because I really liked that teacher and was expecting something cool and fun and longer in there. I simply did not appreciate or grasp the importance of those words in that moment.

Years later here I am always saying, “so much to learn and so little time”. Or always thinking more I’m learning less I know. I suppose it took some years for me to understand what she wrote that day, something I did not know will impact my life in so many ways.

Anyone who knows me a good bit knows that I am always open to learn new things and challenges. I think I am a great student for a good teacher and a mentor. Before I got myself into the tech field I wanted to be a chef and I learned so much from one of my mentor and a great friend not only about cooking but also life in general. And I am grateful for all he taught me. My life took a turn and I ended up going to a technical school and decided to work with the technology. More I learned more I got interested and less I felt I knew. This lead to a constant yearning and thirst for knowledge. I learned to respect all my peers seniors and juniors alike, there is always something you can learn, keeping your mind open is very important.

Passing all the related certs last year and Achieving my CWNE earlier this year was part of this process and as always it made me realize there is so much more to this and it is just a beginning of something great.

Meeting so many smart and intelligent people during WLPC just lit up this sensation in me that I want to know more, I want to know more. I understand however we all have limits and there is work and life and other things and keeping them in balance is important. That is why I decided to give some time to the family and on target one or two certifications.

Let’s talk about my main point …

With all that being said, I feel like time has come for me to do something different, something I did early on when I first tried to start my career in the IT industry, INTERNSHIP. I do not feel like sitting in front of bunch of books right now and study endlessly. I want some practical hands on learning.

So at this point I would like to offer myself as an intern for one full week including the weekends before and after. I will be taking care of all my own expenses such as, hotel, flight, food etc. If you and/or your company has a big project coming up and you can use an extra hand I would love for you to give me a consideration.

I can provide my resume upon request. My linked in profile is located here. I can provide references if needed, happy to go through any drug screening/background checks.

What I am looking for…

  • Outdoor Wireless, stadium wireless deployments, CBRS, LTE deployments.
  • Juniper/Mist deployments, NAC.
  • Location and asset tracking, RTLS.
  • If there is an opportunity to sit down and discuss projects and take notes, bounce ideas around I would love to do that.
  • Open to suggestions.

What I am not looking for…

  • Although I do not mind doing simple tasks if there is a need however I prefer not to spend more than 10% to 20% of my time doing that.
  • I do not want to spend the whole week simply doing surveys and configuring hardware.
  • I do not want to sit in the office for hours and do nothing, I’ll be there for you so make me work and utilize me.
  • I do currently have a job so anything that comes my way please keep in mind I will need to ensure it won’t be conflict of interest for either parties so I am happy to discuss that.

Please feel free to email or DM me with any questions I am happy to discuss anything via phone or email (NOTE: I do prefer such discussions on the phone). Looking forward to hear from you.

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