Mist – Dual 5 GHz Radio

Mist is continuing to impress. I really get excited when I log into my Mist Dashboard and there is an announcement for new features. I knew that AP43’s and AP63’s are able to do dual 5 GHz, however, that was not available in the dashboard until recently. A recent LinkedIn post from Sudheer Matta –… Continue Reading Mist – Dual 5 GHz Radio

Troubleshooting with Marvis – Throughput

On Friday after finishing my breakfast and coffee when I logged into my work and noticed that everything was moving at a slow pace. Websites were slow to load, OneDrive access was slow, my Slack and MS Teams was running slow. Initially, I did not pay much attention as I was busy responding to some… Continue Reading Troubleshooting with Marvis – Throughput

Adding SNMP to Juniper EX2300-C

Most of the Juniper switches are now cloud ready and have been integrated as part of the Mist/Juniper Wired Assurance into Mist Dashboard. There are still some features that are not configurable via web interface and require some good old CLI. Cool thing is that you can simply add the needed CLI commands to either… Continue Reading Adding SNMP to Juniper EX2300-C

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