Ruckus vSZ API’s

Ruckus vSZ API’s

API’s and Python are fun. Since I started learning Python and working with Juniper/Mist API’s I am absolutely addicted. There are so many people I am thankful to, who have helped me every time I was stuck and they still do. Recently I dove a little bit into Ruckus APIs. Initially, I almost gave up,… Continue Reading Ruckus vSZ API’s

Wireshark WLAN Traffic – Troubleshooting

Previously I discussed utilizing Wireshark I/O Graphs for troubleshooting. In this post I would like to share some thoughts on using the “WLAN Traffic” option for analyzing and troubleshooting purposes. Keep in mind that these tools will not necessarily exactly tell you what the issue is at times. But they are available as part of… Continue Reading Wireshark WLAN Traffic – Troubleshooting

Wireshark I/O Graphs – Troubleshooting

If you work in the IT I am sure you have used, seen and/or heard of Wireshark. It is an awesome free packet capture tool and/or to view captured data. Before I got heavily involved in Wireless, I extensively used it on the wired side of the things sometimes to troubleshoot and sometimes to prove… Continue Reading Wireshark I/O Graphs – Troubleshooting

Frame Captures using WLANPi and AirTool2

I am pretty sure everyone knows how to do this but I am writing this anyways because I want to show some appreciation to WLANPi and AirTool 2. I had to capture some 2.4 GHz frames to troubleshoot some issues and I was trying to replicate the issues in my lab. Now I was able… Continue Reading Frame Captures using WLANPi and AirTool2

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