Troubleshooting with Marvis – Cables and Photos

Marvis Actions is a pretty good tool that allows me to look at some issues proactively and resolve them. Recently after migrating a new site to Juniper/Mist network I could not find/locate one of the camera and it was not showing up online in the monitoring system. Next day I saw this in the dashboard under Marvis Actions.

Looking further into the issue it pointed me to the ports with the bad cables reported by Marvis Actions.

Second alert in the screenshot above belonged to the switch at this site. Looking at the UI I do not see anything plugged into it.

What now? How do I confirm that the installers plugged the cable in there? Switch Photos to the rescue:

Opened up the pic, zoomed in (NOTE: Would love Mist to allow a- Saving pictures from here b- Zoom in and out option) and confirmed that there was a cable plugged in port 43 and there was no link light on it.

It may be a small thing but using Marvis and Mist UI and the capabilities provided in the UI really helps with the troubleshooting and helps save time. Don’t have to drive to the site to confirm some minor things. Don’t have to try to get hold of someone and beg them to go there in the IDF and look at something for you. I knew which port, which cable and which area that camera was in.

No matter what, AI or no AI, I believe one of the most crucial thing when troubleshooting is to utilize all the resources available to you and at times think a bit outside to box to find the problem.

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