Replacing a Mist Access Point

Sometimes we all have to deal with replacing an access point. How easy or difficult it is to replace an access point is the question. This short post is about my experience with replacing a Mist access point.

What is worth noticing is that Mist Technical Support team found an issue with one of the access point based on the logs and shipped a new one. I did not have to create a ticket, I did not have to spend hours or days (yes I have had to do that) trying to troubleshoot it.

Usually when you replace an access point, you have to reconfigure it which normally may include:

  • Plug in the new access point, wait for it to come online
  • Wait for it to show up in the controller
  • Assigning the new access point to the site
  • Assigning that access point to a specific group
  • Sometimes it will go through a reboot process and you must wait for it to come back online
  • Rename the access point
  • You may or may not have to configure other settings
  • This process can take around 10 min to complete

Mist – Access Point Replacement:

Here are the steps to replace an access point in the Mist Dashboard. Claim the access point using the QR code or claim code. Select the access point you want to replace and from the Utilities menu choose “Replace AP”:

Mist – Replace AP
Mist – Replace access point

Type the MAC of the new AP and click on Replace:

Mist – Replace AP

That is it you are done. Takes like a min and the new AP automatically pulls the config of the access point you are are replacing.

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