Aruba – Convert CAP to IAP

This is just a short post for my reference on converting a CAP to IAP. This can be completed via the UI or CLI.

From the UI:

From the menu on the left; Maintenance, Access Point.

Aruba Controller – CAP to IAP

There are three options here: 1) Reboot, 2)Convert to instant mode, 3)Preload Image.

From here, I am able to pick a single AP or all APs, then hit the “Convert” button:

Aruba Controller – CAP to IAP

This is great; what if I have 200 access points in multiple groups and I only need certain access points converted? There must be a way to accomplish it, especially if it is available in the CLI. Clicking on this arrow will reveal all the different options:

Aruba Controller – CAP to IAP

Now I have multiple options available to filter the access points I want to convert; NOTE: I think Aruba needs to make this visible all the time to make the UI a bit more intuitive and not hide it.

Aruba Controller – CAP to IAP – AP Filters

After clicking the “Convert to instant mode” button, following message appears:

CLI Steps:

Personally I love a good CLI and if I can get something done via CLI, especially automate it, that is always a plus. Converting an Aruba AP515 from CAP to IAP steps in the CLI are really easy:

Aruba Controller – CLI – CAP to IAP

I only have a single access point to convert so there isn’t much I need to do here; there are options to filter just like the UI:

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