Mist AI – Ask Siri To Enable/Disable SSID

Mist AI – Ask Siri To Enable/Disable SSID

My last post was about creating a Guest SSID in Mist Dashboard with some BYOD self register and self sponsor features. I mentioned few requirements in there; one of them was to enable and disable the SSID. Let me elaborate a bit more on that. I can log into my laptop, Mist Dashboard and disable the SSID; or enable it when the guests arrive (Scheduling is great, but not something that works for me in this case). I even created a script that allowed me to accomplish this without logging into the Mist Dashboard.

If I am in a different room, I didn’t want to have to get up, log into my laptop, log into the Mist Dashboard, disable the SSID and save. That is too much work.


I have been tinkering with iOS shortcuts and thought; wouldn’t it be great if I can get Siri to do this for me? I found the following link very useful. I am no coder so after few failures I got it working.

Mist AI – Siri Shortcuts
Mist AI – Creating a Siri Shortcut

Now all I had to do was ask Siri, “Hey Siri, Disable Guest” or “Hey Siri, Enable Guest”. Video below shows me doing just that.

Mist AI – Hey Siri Disable Guest

Looking at the Audit Log in the Mist Dashboard I can see exactly what happened:

Mist AI – Hey Siri Disable Guest
Mist AI – Hey Siri Enable Guest

It may be a simple task for lots of people out there who are proficient in coding; however, an exciting step for me considering how new I am to this. More importantly it shows the power of Mist AI and Automation in general. I can see so many potential uses for this based on my experience as a network and wireless engineer. Certain tasks can be accomplished while sitting on a beach or visiting your relatives. No need to pull out your laptop, fire up your VPN and run through multiple steps just to click a button. Thank for reading.

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2 thoughts on “Mist AI – Ask Siri To Enable/Disable SSID”

    1. Thank you Rowell, it was certainly really cool seeing this work. So much to learn with Python and I’m trying as I get some time. It’s very addicting.

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