Juniper-Mist Updates

Juniper-Mist Updates

Whenever I log into my Juniper-Mist Dashboard, I am always excited to see “Announcing New Features” message. See full updates here. I would love to point out couple of features that I have been waiting for that Juniper-Mist implemented:

Juniper-Mist – Announcing New Features

Sponsored Guest Access:

I wrote a post previously on “Sponsored Guest Access and Self Registration“. In addition to specify email domains Mist now also allows a pre-defined list of sponsors.

Juniper-Mist – Pre-defined Sponsors

Switch Configuration and Template Pages:

Switch configuration and template pages had few areas that needed improvements. While it worked with no issues, this new improvement gives those pages an uplift. Additional Switch CLI window size was one thing I wanted improved. Image below shows the size of the window; typing long commands in there was difficult, resizing the width was not possible. This would make viewing the configs difficult. I had to always copy and paste everything in BBEdit and then view/add/change it.

With the new update I can click on the 4 arrows (top right) and make the window larger. This gives a much better view of this window, under the Org and Site level Templates:

Juniper-Mist – Additional CLI Commands

Re arranged design under the Device Level makes it look even better. Whole section has been moved towards the bottom and is much wider. It is much easier to

Juniper-Mist – Device Level CLI Configuration

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