Aruba Central IAP to CAP

I wrote about converting an Aruba CAP to IAP. I needed to convert the Aruba IAP to a CAP for some testing; one important piece of information in this scenario was that the IAP was in Aruba Central.

If you are converting an Aruba IAP that is not in Central, you log into the IAP VC Master AP:

  • Click on Maintenance
  • Convert
  • Select the option to move them to Mobility Controller
  • Type the IP/FQDN of the controller and you are done.

If the IAP is part of Aruba Central, these options are not available by default:

Aruba Central IAP interface

If the IAP is being managed by Aruba Central, you can not log into it and start the conversion process. You will need to remove the license from Aruba Central.

After accomplishing this step, more options become available under the Maintenance menu:

Aruba IAP interface

I clicked on “Convert”, “Campus APs managed by a Mobility Controller and pointed it towards my controller.

Once the conversion is done, I received a success message:

Aruba Central IAP to CAP Conversion

If the AP is in the same VLAN as the controller, it should discover the controller and show up under “Whitelist”. If it is in a different L3 network, DHCP option 43 can be used or one of the options discussed here.

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