VOQ – Virtual Output Queuing

I came across this topic VOQ – Virtual Output Queuing, while studying for a technical certification. Although I understood the basic idea behind it, but the authors did not do a good job explaining it, so here are some of my notes. I have tried to write this generic instead of focusing on a specific… Continue Reading VOQ – Virtual Output Queuing

Covid-19 and back to work – Thoughts from a Wireless Engineer

I have been working for my current company for a little over three years as a Wi-Fi engineer. During this time, I have had the pleasure to travel extensively for multiple Wi-Fi-related projects, to various destinations. I remember growing up; I always wanted a traveling job. Well, in April 2017, that became a reality. Since… Continue Reading Covid-19 and back to work – Thoughts from a Wireless Engineer

CWNE Journey – Part 2

Previously I wrote about how I started my CWNE Journey in Part 1. This post is about my essay writing experience for the CWNE application. Per CWNP Website, What it takes to become a CWNE: “CWNP has put in place a rigorous application process that requires candidates to pass four certification exams, complete commercial wireless LAN deployments, and have three… Continue Reading CWNE Journey – Part 2

Art of Communication

Not much time to write about some technical stuff so decided to write about some random thoughts going through my mind about Communicating with others, they may be your peers, your family members, customers, management, elders, kids, vendors there is an art to communicate with all of them and in business circles and corporate communication… Continue Reading Art of Communication

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