Disabling 802.11ax(Wi-Fi6) Ruckus APs/vSZ

Wi-Fi6/802.11ax is a newer standard in Wi-Fi, providing higher data rates, increase capacity, power efficiency. However, in a typical environment, there are not many Wi-Fi6/802.11ax clients just yet. With that being said, there may be times when we need to disable Wi-Fi6/802.11ax. I have two Wi-Fi6 access points in my home lab Ruckus R730 and… Continue Reading Disabling 802.11ax(Wi-Fi6) Ruckus APs/vSZ

Ruckus vSZ-D Tunneling

Ruckus Virtual Smart Zone – Data plane (vSZ-D) works with vSZ-H or vSZ-E and provides data plane services and tunneled WLANs. In simple terms if we want all the WLAN traffic from a remote/branch location tunneled back to the data center instead of locally switched we would need to deploy Ruckus vSZ-D and integrate is… Continue Reading Ruckus vSZ-D Tunneling

Ruckus R750 Access Point

Ruckus R750 is one of the 802.11ax access point from Ruckus. It is thinner and smaller than R730. It is about 11″ diagonally. It can be a good fit for Small businesses, hospitals, hospitality, offices, classrooms. This access point also supports IoT via the USB port. It can be powered up using 802.11af however it… Continue Reading Ruckus R750 Access Point

Ruckus R610 Access point

Ruckus R610 is a dual radio 2.4 GHz/5GHz 802.11ac Wave 2 access point. Diagonally it seems to be around 10″ so it is smaller than the 700 series access points. Great fit for home, home office, small office, retail, classrooms, hospitals etc. Below are some very high level feature set, for detailed list please see… Continue Reading Ruckus R610 Access point

Ruckus VSZ-H – Enable Rogue Detection

Ruckus VSZ-H is not a very friendly interface as compared to some of other vendor interfaces and at times if you have not done something for a while you may forget it easily. This applies to other vendor WLAN Management interfaces as well but definitely true for Ruckus VSZ. I will be adding some common… Continue Reading Ruckus VSZ-H – Enable Rogue Detection

Ruckus DHCP Option 43

Calculating Ruckus DHCP Option 43 So coming from Cisco’s world I was pretty familiar with how DHCP Option 43 works with the Cisco WLAN Controllers. With Ruckus ZoneDirector and SmartZone Controllers DHCP Option 43 needs to be in Hex format. However they work a little different than Cisco. Ruckus uses the following Format: Sub-Option +… Continue Reading Ruckus DHCP Option 43

Disable SSID Ruckus Virtual Smart Zone – High Scale

How to disable SSID in Ruckus VSZ – High Scale Working with Ruckus interface so far I am not impressed. It think Aruba and Cisco has a much better interface and I am so not impressed from their documentation. But lets see it is a start. So I am going to start adding some notes… Continue Reading Disable SSID Ruckus Virtual Smart Zone – High Scale

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