Testing Airtool Pi

Testing Airtool Pi

During my recent Wireless Adjuster II class I got introduced to Airtool Pi (new tool created by Adrian Granados). If you have been using Airtool or Airtool 2, you will certainly love this, cost is $14.99 and it is worth every penny. All you need is a WLANPi (Neo 2 is what I used; you… Continue Reading Testing Airtool Pi

Wireshark WLAN Traffic – Troubleshooting

Previously I discussed utilizing Wireshark I/O Graphs for troubleshooting. In this post I would like to share some thoughts on using the “WLAN Traffic” option for analyzing and troubleshooting purposes. Keep in mind that these tools will not necessarily exactly tell you what the issue is at times. But they are available as part of… Continue Reading Wireshark WLAN Traffic – Troubleshooting

Wireshark I/O Graphs – Troubleshooting

If you work in the IT I am sure you have used, seen and/or heard of Wireshark. It is an awesome free packet capture tool and/or to view captured data. Before I got heavily involved in Wireless, I extensively used it on the wired side of the things sometimes to troubleshoot and sometimes to prove… Continue Reading Wireshark I/O Graphs – Troubleshooting

Frame Captures using WLANPi and AirTool2

I am pretty sure everyone knows how to do this but I am writing this anyways because I want to show some appreciation to WLANPi and AirTool 2. I had to capture some 2.4 GHz frames to troubleshoot some issues and I was trying to replicate the issues in my lab. Now I was able… Continue Reading Frame Captures using WLANPi and AirTool2

Ekahau Survey Pro – Image Editing – Wish list Part 3

Previously I discussed the “Ekahau – Crop & Rotate Map” feature. It is a really good feature and I’m glad they finally added that in their software. With that being said as part of my “Ekahau wish list” I would like to discuss a feature that I would love to see in Ekahau, “Ekahau –… Continue Reading Ekahau Survey Pro – Image Editing – Wish list Part 3

Ekahau Survey Pro – Crop & Rotate Feature

Ekahau has added a pretty cool feature for the maps, it is called “Crop & Rotate Map”. I really like this feature because it makes the reports come out nice especially when the maps have extra space around them. I can simply crop the image file on my laptop within Ekahau and that makes a… Continue Reading Ekahau Survey Pro – Crop & Rotate Feature

Using SNMPWALK and PortQry tools

SNMPWALK and PortQry tools in Windows We all know that Linux offers some built in tools that are great for troubleshooting purposes, however Windows Operating Systems have limitations. Me being a Windows user primarily (fan of CLI and CLI based tools), I am always looking for different tools. In this post I want to mention… Continue Reading Using SNMPWALK and PortQry tools

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