Wireless Adjuster (WA) Beta Class – Overview

I have previously written about the Wireless Adjuster (WA) Class by Devin Akin, who is an industry expert especially when it comes to Wi-Fi knowledge. Want to talk about Wireless Standards in depth Devin is the guy. I was lucky to attend the very first Beta Wireless Adjuster (WA) class in Atlanta on January 20th… Continue Reading Wireless Adjuster (WA) Beta Class – Overview

CWNE Journey – Part 4

January 22nd it finally happened when I refreshed the webpage it showed that my CWNE application has been approved. I took a deep breath and thanked God immediately, it was such a relief to finally be a part of such an amazing community. I did not want to let anyone know just yet as I… Continue Reading CWNE Journey – Part 4

Ekahau Survey Pro – Renaming Predictive Access points – Wish list Part 2

I have done a whole bunch of predictive surveys on Ekahau and with the latest application update when I am doing a predictive survey I noticed that access point names are showing up as “Simulated AP1”, “Simulated AP2” and so on as shown below: Now this is great, however, when I go and look at… Continue Reading Ekahau Survey Pro – Renaming Predictive Access points – Wish list Part 2

CWNE Journey – Part 2

Previously I wrote about how I started my CWNE Journey in Part 1. This post is about my essay writing experience for the CWNE application. Per CWNP Website, What it takes to become a CWNE: “CWNP has put in place a rigorous application process that requires candidates to pass four certification exams, complete commercial wireless LAN deployments, and have three… Continue Reading CWNE Journey – Part 2

Wireless Adjuster (WA) – Initial Thoughts

I remember studying for my CWAP (Certified Wireless Analysis Professional) and after a few months of studying finally taking my test earlier this year. Reading through the CWAP material, training class from Devin Akin (CWNE #1) and multiple other resources I learned a great deal. The focus of CWNP certifications is to help understand the theory which then can… Continue Reading Wireless Adjuster (WA) – Initial Thoughts

5 GHz Frequency Conversion

Saw an awesome post from Troy Martin (Twitter handle – @troymart) on 5 GHz frequency conversion. Many times during my studies related to Wi-Fi I had to review the channel number and its frequency as it can be bit of a challenge to memorize them all. I normally would just remember the first one and… Continue Reading 5 GHz Frequency Conversion

Ekahau Survey Pro – Wish list Part 1

When it comes to performing WLAN site surveys there are many software tools out there but my experience mostly has been with Ekahau. It is a great piece of software with many awesome features loved by industry experts all over the world. This part 1 of my wish list series and I will at the… Continue Reading Ekahau Survey Pro – Wish list Part 1

Access Point Placement – Part 1

Designing a Wireless network is not just engineering and configuring hardware, but I feel there is lots of creativity and art that is involved in it. That is why if you are studying for a CWDP or reading any Wi-Fi Design best practices white paper, blog etc you will find that walking the site is… Continue Reading Access Point Placement – Part 1

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