Juniper-Mist – 802.1X SSID with Jump Cloud

I do not have any radius server in my lab, nor do I have any hardware currently to accomplish this task. I needed a quick easy to deploy and enterprise-level RADIUS server solution that I can utilize to test 802.1X Authentication issues with MistAI and Marvis. I decided to look at some cloud-based providers and went with Jump Cloud.… Continue Reading Juniper-Mist – 802.1X SSID with Jump Cloud

CWAP – Machine State/EAP/4-Way Handshake

This is something that keeps coming up while studying for different certifications and I always have to review everything, flip through the pages since there are technically 3 sections here, I decided to write up a quick overview of all 3 including the flow as shown in the diagram below. When a Wireless Client connects… Continue Reading CWAP – Machine State/EAP/4-Way Handshake

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