CWNE Journey – Part 3

December 27th, 2019. Finally the day came when I applied for my CWNE. First step was to use the CWNP ID and enter it in their system, next step is making sure you have 3 endorsements. If you do not, you can not go any further. There is a special link CWNP Provides for people who will endorse you. They will also need your CWNP ID. Once 3 people finish the endorsement step, you can come back and get to the last screen.

In this last screen I was asked general information about myself, I had an opportunity to share links to my linked in profile, twitter. Here I also had to provide verification codes for my other two non CWNP certifications. NOTE: Before you start your CWNE application make sure you get those codes squared away. It took me couple of days to get the Cisco ones and I also had to make a phone call to Cisco to resolve an issue I ran into. So I suggest, to avoid any surprises make sure you have those certification verification codes available before hand.

Next I had to attach my resume (PDF file) and the PDF files of all my CWNP related essays. That was pretty much it.

One important thing to note here is the CWNP fee for the CWNE application processing. It is $500 as of October 2019 I believe. So I got a little confused because no where during the application process I was asked to pay that fee. I found out from CWNP that you have to actually click on “CWNE Application Fee” Link from the CWNE Page. I am guessing at some point this step would become part of the application process.

CWNE Application Queued – December 27th, 2019
I unfortunately lost the actual picture I had with the date/time stamp. But my application became Active last week some time. As of now 01/15/2020 it is still active waiting for the final results. Praying for it.

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