EEM Script for clearing – Cisco IOS

EEM Script example to clear stuff in Cisco IOS

I had to recently clear the DHCP Conflict log from a Cisco Router as it was filling up and not allowing devices to get back on the network in a specific situation. Well instead of doing it manually I just decided to give Cisco EEM Script a try. And it worked out pretty good :). Another scenario I used was clearing DHCP bindings and arp. EEM Script – Clear DHCP Conflict Log

event manager applet CLEAR_DHCP_CONFLICT (This is applets name)
event timer watchdog time 172800 (Using the watchdog option I allowed it to run every 48 hours)
action 1.0 cli command “enable”
action 2.0 cli command “clear ip dhcp conflict *”
action 3.0 syslog msg “IP DHCP Conflict log has been cleared successfully” (syslog msg enabled me to trigger a syslog message)
EEM Script – Clear DHCP Bindings and Arp Cache
event manager applet CLEAR_DHCP_CONFLICT
event timer watchdog time 172800
action 1.0 cli command “enable”
action 2.0 cli command “clear ip dhcp binding *”
action 3.0 cli command “clear arp”
action 4.0 syslog msg “IP DHCP bindings and Arp Cache have been cleared”

So Cisco EEM Scripting is pretty cool. Possibilities are endless.

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