Ruckus VSZ-H – Enable Rogue Detection

Ruckus VSZ-H is not a very friendly interface as compared to some of other vendor interfaces and at times if you have not done something for a while you may forget it easily. This applies to other vendor WLAN Management interfaces as well but definitely true for Ruckus VSZ. I will be adding some common tasks from now on in my blog as a reference and hopefully it will help out other folks as well.

By default rogue detection is not enabled in Ruckus VSZ after you are done setting up your site domain and zones. If you want rogue detection enabled you have to manually go there and enable it.

First go to Access Points and then click on Access Point as show below. Then on the right hand side you will choose the Zone you wish to make a change in. Once selected click on the pencil icon as shown below and it will take you to another screen (be patient sometimes it takes it a few seconds to load up completely).

Once you are in the next screen, scroll down to Advanced Options. After it expands you should see different options including “Rogue AP Detection” as shown below. However, it would be “OFF”. Turning it to “ON” position enables route AP detection.

Enabling Rogue AP Detection

After turning the rouge AP detection on. Rogue APs can be seen by going to Report and then Rogue Devices.

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