Disable SSID Ruckus Virtual Smart Zone – High Scale

How to disable SSID in Ruckus VSZ – High Scale

ruckus vsz high scale disable SSID

Working with Ruckus interface so far I am not impressed. It think Aruba and Cisco has a much better interface and I am so not impressed from their documentation. But lets see it is a start. So I am going to start adding some notes related to Ruckus Wireless, which hopefully will help myself as well as others. I was doing some testing with Ruckus Captive Portal SSID at home and after I was done I wanted to disable the SSID. At first I was looking for something simple like a check box or a radio button that says “disable” but no luck there. Any ways I started going through all the options and found this:

ruckus vsz high scale disable SSID

So basically its the same thing as “Disable SSID”, but instead Ruckus uses the term, “Service Schedule”. You can either disable the SSID, keep it on all the time or setup a schedule for it.

UPDATE: In version I saw “Hide SSID” setting under Advanced as shown below:

Ruckus vSZ – Hide SSID

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