Scripting Config Changes on Ruckus/Brocade Switch

Scripting Config Changes on Ruckus/Brocade Switch – ICX7250


Ruckus/Brocade Switch ICX7250 – Connected to HP ProCurve switch. Both switches have a single VLAN1 as default VLAN. I needed to add additional VLAN’s and add them to the uplink ports also.


I was working remotely so losing connectivity was an issue. Adding VLANs to the uplink ports on the HP ProCurve was a simple process:

vlan 10
tagg int A1

However on the ICX 7250 it wasn’t this simple as Brocade/Ruckus switches utilize a concept of dual-mode ports. Dual Mode Ports basically allow the ports to pass tagged and untagged traffic. So basically right after I would tag a port I would lose connectivity to that switch because it required an additional step of adding dual-mode command under the interface config. It doesn’t allow you to add that command if the interface is only untagged. In Cisco’s World I have utilized scripting very successfully EEM Scripting to make some network changes where even after losing connectivity I wanted commands to run.

Luckily I was able to find out that Ruckus/Brocade ICX 7250 supports batch scripting which allowed me to accomplish what I wanted to do:

reload after 00:00:10 [telling the switch to reload after 10 min in case of issues and revert to old config]
conf t
batch buffer 1 & [starting my script and numbering it
config t
vlan 2
tagg eth 1/1/1
vlan 10
tagg eth 1/1/1
vlan 20
tagg eth 1/1/1
int eth 1/1/1
dual-mode 1
exit &

execute batch 1 now [executing the script]

After running the script I would lose the connection briefly but it would come back online after all the commands were done running. I would log back in and simply remove the batch script and cancel the reload. Lastly I would save the config and its all done.

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