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I recently took my CWAP 403 test and after two months of studying I failed in my first try. I scored 63%, 70% is needed to pass the test. It was a failure however I did learn couple of lessons and one of the most important lesson I learned was, “unless I am 200% certain that I need to change my answer never go back and change my answers”.

Next to rescheduled my exam 10 days later and reviewed some key areas where I was really weak and didn’t do so well. Paid attention to some key topics where I felt I needed to and I did end up passing it on the second try. Questions were tougher and I did not think I was doing so well until the final result. This was actually one of the tougher certs I have taken so far even though I love and enjoy packet captures.

So here are some resources I used to study for my CWAP Exam:

And lastly I tried to do some frame captures myself and found some online and looked at them over and over every day all day to get more used to how they look and what goes where. I definitely recommend doing your own frame captures if possible. It will not only help you with the CWAP exam but also help you when troubleshooting a client. So that’s pretty much the end of my experience studying for the CWAP 403 Exam. This may or may not work for others but hopefully the resources I shared may be helpful.

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