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Not much time to write about some technical stuff so decided to write about some random thoughts going through my mind about Communicating with others, they may be your peers, your family members, customers, management, elders, kids, vendors there is an art to communicate with all of them and in business circles and corporate communication its called soft skills.

Soft skills have become a very critical part of Information Technology professionals. Especially if you are a customer-facing engineer it is even more imperative that you possess such skills.
When meeting and communicating with people it is important to realize their personality and then adjust your communication style accordingly. This not only applies in professional life but in personal life as well. For example, all my kids have different skills and personalities. I have to communicate with each one of them according to their personality.
I am no psychologist or an expert however I feel few key personality styles can stand out and they can help us determine how to adjust our communication style.

The first one is someone strong, leader, in full command and very confident, know exactly what they want and what they are expecting and very straightforward. They will have strong opinions on what they believe in and require solid references and supporting sources when discussing a topic with them.

The second personality style is very analytical, they tend to be a bit on the quiet side but a great listener and absorb lots of information. They will analyze the topic of discussion very carefully and then ask very analytical questions, they would like to understand all the intricate details.

The third personality style is a very outgoing, outspoken, social personality. People with this personality style will most likely initiate a handshake before you do, will shake your hand with a big smile. They will enjoy having a great conversation on multiple topics and can make other people very comfortable around them. You can feel like you know them for a long time even though you have just met them.

I am sure there are more styles but I am simply discussing some common personality styles and communicating with them. Earlier I used an example of my kids, so based on the 3 styles I have a child who falls under the first one, then I also have a child that falls under the second and third styles. Just like the personality styles they all have their skills. I utilize this information anytime I need to communicate with them as well as assign them with tasks.

Trying to communicate with someone with a First personality style in a very nonformal, social manner may not be the best idea. Similarly, someone with a Third personality style with a very friendly and social personality will have a communication challenge when communicating with someone who has a First (strong) or a Second(analytical) personality style.

I am not saying that we have to change our personality when communicating with someone of a different personality style however, adjusting our communication style a little bit can go a long way. It can build a good rapport with others and you will be able to elaborate your point rather quickly. Moreover, communication becomes fun instead of a challenge. Happy to hear more notions, feedback, suggestions on this.

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