Ekahau Survey Pro – Crop & Rotate Feature

Ekahau has added a pretty cool feature for the maps, it is called “Crop & Rotate Map”. I really like this feature because it makes the reports come out nice especially when the maps have extra space around them. I can simply crop the image file on my laptop within Ekahau and that makes a huge difference.

Ekahau – Crop & Rotate Map

This is also a great feature if, for example, I do not have a map available and I took a picture of a fire escape map and used it for my survey. Now if you look at the initial map it will look something like this:

Ekahau – Fire Escape Map

It isn’t so bad and I can certainly use that map on my iPad for the survey. However, when the time comes to run a report, it will not very professional and clean showing it as it is. That is where the Ekahau “Crop & Rotate Map” feature comes in handy. You click on Map and then Crop & Rotate Map. Next, you will see the screen shown below.

I am now able to slide those edges to better fit and present the map on the screen and in the report. Once I moved those edges to my desired location I simply clicked on “Confirm” and Ekahau adjusted the map. Now when I generate the report, it will show cropped version of the map which will look much cleaner and presentable.

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