Mist – Claiming and Renaming Access Points

Previously I have talked about how to claim and add access points to the site. In this post, I want to talk about claiming/provisioning/naming Mist access points from the web dashboard. Very simple and easy process. Using templates I can literally set-up and provision a site with 100’s of access points in a matter of min. I can also rename all the access points based on predefined criteria such as site name, AP#, MAC address. I can also assign the access points to a site, which means once they are provisioned everything will be configured and access points will be ready to serve the clients.

Mist – Claiming/Renaming/Assigning Access Points

This simple method can allow provisioning of multiple access points in a matter of mins. There is one caveat with this process. If you want the Room#’s and/or other information added in here such as Rack#, patch panel#, etc and the numbering is not in a sequence you will have to manually add that information. I will need to see if I can find a way this can be done using a python script or some way to import a CSV file with that information. There already is a way to add sites using a python script and a CSV file so very possible that the same can be accomplished for access point provisioning.

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