Ruckus VSZ-H – Enable Rogue Detection

Ruckus VSZ-H is not a very friendly interface as compared to some of other vendor interfaces and at times if you have not done something for a while you may forget it easily. This applies to other vendor WLAN Management interfaces as well but definitely true for Ruckus VSZ. I will be adding some common… Continue Reading Ruckus VSZ-H – Enable Rogue Detection

WLPC (WLAN Professional Conference) 2020

WLPC – WLAN Professionals Conference was founded by an industry veteran, mentor, trainer Keith Parsons. This conference invites and attracts people from all over the world to connect, collaborate, network and share their stories, experiences, learn, teach, grow. I have been wanting to attend this conference for a while and finally, after getting my CWNE I had… Continue Reading WLPC (WLAN Professional Conference) 2020

Wireless Adjuster Test

Wireless Adjuster Test

Since taking the Wireless Adjuster Level II class back in January I have been eagerly waiting for the test to come out. On March 2nd, 2020 I received an email that this test is now available. It was late and I was too tired to take the test so I decided to take it the next day.… Continue Reading Wireless Adjuster Test

Wireless Adjuster (WA) Beta Class – Overview

I have previously written about the Wireless Adjuster (WA) Class by Devin Akin, who is an industry expert especially when it comes to Wi-Fi knowledge. Want to talk about Wireless Standards in depth Devin is the guy. I was lucky to attend the very first Beta Wireless Adjuster (WA) class in Atlanta on January 20th… Continue Reading Wireless Adjuster (WA) Beta Class – Overview

CWNE Journey – Part 4

January 22nd it finally happened when I refreshed the webpage it showed that my CWNE application has been approved. I took a deep breath and thanked God immediately, it was such a relief to finally be a part of such an amazing community. I did not want to let anyone know just yet as I… Continue Reading CWNE Journey – Part 4

Ekahau Survey Pro – Renaming Predictive Access points – Wish list Part 2

I have done a whole bunch of predictive surveys on Ekahau and with the latest application update when I am doing a predictive survey I noticed that access point names are showing up as “Simulated AP1”, “Simulated AP2” and so on as shown below: Now this is great, however, when I go and look at… Continue Reading Ekahau Survey Pro – Renaming Predictive Access points – Wish list Part 2

CWNE Journey – Part 2

Previously I wrote about how I started my CWNE Journey in Part 1. This post is about my essay writing experience for the CWNE application. Per CWNP Website, What it takes to become a CWNE: “CWNP has put in place a rigorous application process that requires candidates to pass four certification exams, complete commercial wireless LAN deployments, and have three… Continue Reading CWNE Journey – Part 2

Wireless Adjuster (WA) – Initial Thoughts

I remember studying for my CWAP (Certified Wireless Analysis Professional) and after a few months of studying finally taking my test earlier this year. Reading through the CWAP material, training class from Devin Akin (CWNE #1) and multiple other resources I learned a great deal. The focus of CWNP certifications is to help understand the theory which then can… Continue Reading Wireless Adjuster (WA) – Initial Thoughts

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